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Testing the Stuff 'n Sit bean bag chair

Kidsday reporter Diana Palacios of Inwood with a

Kidsday reporter Diana Palacios of Inwood with a yet-to-be-stuffed Stuff ´n Sit: The Stuffable Storage Bean Bag. Credit: Jean Mahland

I was given the Stuff 'n Sit: The Stuffable Storage Bean Bag Chair (Creative QT) to check out and review.

The Stuff 'n Sit bean bag is soft and comfy. The one I got to take home was very colorful. I was able to fit all my stuffed animals in it — about 15 (and one of them is ginormous!). Even with all those animals in it, the bean bag wasn’t exactly full yet, so I put two pillows in, too.

I keep the bean bag chair in my room and I sit on it a lot. When I am sitting there, it feel like I am sitting on a cloud. I always sat in it while I was watching TV. To watch television, I had to pull it out of my room, and it was heavy with all my things in it. It felt like the handle was going to break while I was pulling it. But it didn’t break, and that is another reason why I like it so much. It is very sturdy. I think it is big enough for two friends to share while reading or watching TV. I thought of other things that could be kept in it if you don’t have enough stuffed animals. You could keep some of your clothes in it or blankets. You can even take a nap on it!

I would rate this chair 5 (out of five) smiles for both comfort and how nice it looks in my bedroom. Jean Mahland and Sharon Mor’s fourth-grade class, Lawrence Elementary School

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