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Good Evening

Suit up for space with talking Jr. Astronaut Helmet

Credit: Aeromax

I tried out the Jr. Astronaut Helmet: Amazing Talking Space Helmet with push-button retractable visor (Aeromax/Get Real Gear). When you wear it, it makes you feel as if you are really in space.

Inside the helmet there is a microphone that you speak into. There is a button on the side, and when you push it, a space person says, “Report to the shuttle.” On the other side of the helmet there is another button, and when you push that one, the plastic part of the helmet that covers the eyes opens up.

My younger brother played with it and said, “This is so cool because it feels like a real space helmet that real astronauts wear to go into space.” He asked me if this helmet is what astronauts wear to space, but I said, “No.”

I think the helmet is very fun and a great toy to play with inside on a rainy day. My brother and I think you should get it.

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