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Summer at grandpa’s farm: treehouse, zip line, campfires

Kidsday reporter Luke Heller hangs out at his

Kidsday reporter Luke Heller hangs out at his grandfather's farm. Credit: Heller family

One of the best ways to spend the summer is going to my grandpa’s farm in Pennsylvania. It is not just for my family, I also get to see my cousins there, too. We have so much fun because there is so much to do.

One of our favorite things to do was make our own homemade zip line and a treehouse. We made it last year and it wasn’t ever fully finished, but we were able to hang out in it. My grandpa even has a tractor, which everyone gets to ride and even drive.

At night we gather up wood and make huge campfires. Going into the woods is a lot of fun, too, because we all love to explore.

Across the street we know somebody with goats, cats, a dog and chickens. We get awakened by a rooster that my cousin named Rockstar, and he is as loud as an air horn two feet away. Every morning we get awakened by Rockstar at 4. I have a lot of fun when we go there, but the bad part is that the car ride is about three hours.

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