Good Morning
Good Morning

How do you like to spend your summer vacation?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao

We wanted to know how kids liked to spend their summer. We gave them four “more” choices to see if they increased the time they spent doing something that they liked. Here is what we found out:

Play more: 59

Sleep more: 34

Read more: 16

Nothing special: 16

As you can see, most kids used the time to play more. Whether it was sports or just hanging with friends at the beach or pool, they used the time to forget about school and just relax. Some kids took relaxing to a new level and used their free time to sleep a lot more!

Most kids had summer reading, but there were 16 kids who used the time to do even more reading. We think those kids who chose reading wanted to learn new vocabulary, escape reality or learn new things about the mysterious places on this planet.

Some people would rather sleep more, possibly for energy, healing or to just relax and clear their head. It’s our belief that people would rather play more so that they don’t waste their time watching TV or using electronics too much, and instead exercise and interact with friends.

So, how was your summer?

Meagan Miller’s students, Ivy League School, Smithtown

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