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Summertime style tips for kids

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Aman Umer, Dix Hills

Over the summer, we all know to change our style, and here are the top things to wear over the summer.

Wear colorful clothes because when you wear black clothes you will get really hot.

You should also wear short sleeves and shorts. You can also wear light leggings and capris.

Guys should wear sports jerseys.

Wear a stylish hat for two reasons: It can block out the sun and you will look great. Wear flip-flops so that your feet get air and won’t smell when you wear sneakers.

Now it’s time for the girls: Wear a nice summery dress and some matching jewelry. You will look so fabulous! When you go swimming, wear very colorful bathing suits.

Wear some sunglasses so you look cool and you protect your eyes. You can wear red, white and blue when it is the Fourth of July.

When you wear these things, you will be ready for summer!

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