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Super Bowl survey: Real thing or party?

Feb. 1 is finally the night! The game is on. Lots of kids will be at parties and enjoying the Super Bowl. We wanted to know if kids would rather be at the Super Bowl or do they prefer a Super Bowl party instead. We surveyed 116 kids and here are our results:

Go to the game: 63

Go to a party: 53

A lot of kids who would rather just go to a party said their answer would be different if their favorite team was playing.

With the Giants and Jets out of it, we knew that had an impact on the voting.

Kids said they would want to go just because it is probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Some kids mentioned that since they are playing in cold weather places now, that is another reason not to go. That shouldn't be a problem Feb. 1 in Arizona.

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