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Super Bowl XLIX goes down in history

Russell Wilson of the Seahawks congratulates Tom Brady

Russell Wilson of the Seahawks congratulates Tom Brady of the Patriots after Super Bowl XLIX. Credit: Getty Images / Tom Pennington

Did you see Super Bowl XLIX? Do you know that it was the most talked about game in Super Bowl history? In this Super Bowl the Seattle Seahawks played against New England Patriots. This Super Bowl was so special because the Seahawks should have won it, but they didn’t. They didn’t because their coach, Pete Carroll, made a bad decision. That decision was to pass the ball on the 1-yard line instead of letting the quarterback run the ball or let Marshawn Lynch run the ball. It was almost too easy to win, because the Seahawks offense could not beat the Patriots defense almost all game. With the Patriots leading 28-24, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw an amazing pass to get down to the 1-yard line. Now Seattle was on the verge of winning the game in the final seconds, but the Seahawks did something that would change the game. Instead of letting one of the best running backs in the game try to run the ball into the end zone, the Seahawks chose to throw the ball. It ended in an interception.

At that point the quarterback of the Patriots, Tom Brady, was the happiest man in the world. He knew that now the Patriots won the Super Bowl. This is why Super Bowl XLIX will go down in history.

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