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Review: Mini-games are small wonders

Kidsday reporters Jahdriel Licona, left, Richard Henriquez Duarte,

Kidsday reporters Jahdriel Licona, left, Richard Henriquez Duarte, Steven Villanueva and Ashley Lemus with mini-toys. Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

We got toys from the company Super Impulse, which makes a series of games called The World’s Smallest. We reviewed Pac-Man Micro-Arcade, Tetris Micro-Arcade, Mini Tic-Tac-Toe, World Smallest Crocodile Dentist and a Qbert Mini Arcade.

We think they are a really good quality. The graphics and the audio on the arcade games is good. The Pac-Man was so tiny that it can fit in your pocket! There’s sound and everything, and it’s transparent so you can see the components. 

Ashley got a micro-arcade Tetris. She only played it for a few minutes before she let it take over her life. It is addictive! The picture and sound quality are out of this world. The game is small enough to travel with you all the time.   

Steven got Toss Across. It came with little plastic bean bags to toss onto the board. He and his brother played it and it was a bit hard to hit the board. This game is fun if you want to overcome stress.

We tested a few others and liked them all. The games are inexpensive and fun. We bet they can make a car ride go by quickly.

Mary Kate LaSpisa’s fifth-grade class, Evergreen Charter School, Hempstead

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