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Super Smash Bros. has lots of Nintendo characters

Super Smash Bros. (for the Wii U/Nintendo) is an awesome fighting game. The unique thing about Super Smash Bros. is that the characters are from many Nintendo games. Even old characters from some of Nintendo's first games ever, like Duck Hunt, The Legend of Zelda and Mike Tyson's Punch Out! Who would have thought of having Mario fighting Link?

In this game, you can have up to eight people playing at once. Having eight players can be really chaotic because players fly off the screen almost all the time from being attacked. Also, it can get very confusing because it is hard to keep track of where you are in a small area.

There also are new game modes, which include Smash Tour, Events, Crazy Orders and Master Orders. Smash Tour is the most boring mode in the game because all you can do is run around on a game board. Events is a line of customized battles that challenges your skills and gives you prizes if you win. Crazy and Master orders is mostly making a bet with Master Hand, which is a boss you fight, with the gold you win from battles.

In addition, there is a new way to make custom arenas. Another cool feature in this game is that all characters from the older model are in the new model. You can unlock upgrades to improve your fighter. You can choose a gunner, brawler or sword fighter. Overall, Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U is a really fun game and anyone can enjoy it.

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