Good Morning
Good Morning

Surf's up at Skudin Surf school

A couple of years ago, I went to Skudin Surf ( for the summer and I will tell you how I went from not knowing anything about surfing to having surfing be one of my best skills. When I first arrived, we started right away. The instructors first showed us how to attach and detach the ankle strap and how to adjust it to fit your ankle. We started to practice on the sand. While on the sand, they taught us how to stand up, how to paddle, and how to turn around on the board. We kept practicing until we got it.

One of the instructors took me out on the water and told me to paddle. They held on to the board and followed me until they told me to stop paddling. I waited and waited on the water forever. Then I saw a huge wave and I began to turn around.

Catching my first wave: I started to paddle as fast as I could, then the instructor yelled: "Stand up!" I stood up and zoomed toward the shore, but then it stopped. As I was paddling back, I caught another wave that brought me to shore. After that, we all played beach ball and rested.

A year later, I went to Puerto Rico where I practiced my skills and by then I was great at surfing. This summer I'm going surfing in Hawaii.

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