Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Surfing, skimming, swimming in Montauk

Credit: Kidsday Illustration / Zebediah Ryan

I like to surf, boogie board, and skim board at Ditch Plains in Montauk. I like to boogie board when the waves are too small to surf. My favorite part is getting in a barrel (under the wave) and then having it crash on me. The feeling is so overwhelmingly awesome, it’s hard to describe.

When I surf, the waves are big. I like to surf year-round, but in the summer you have to pick the right time to go so there are not too many tourists out trying to catch the same waves. Lucky for me since I live here, I can wait until many of the tourists leave so I can have fun with my friends and family.

It can get dangerous if rookies don’t know what they are doing. The hardest part of surfing is reading the swells and tides. I also like to skim board when the shore break is breaking perfectly. The best part is going straight into the wave and feeling the water spray on my face.

Jennifer Jamet’s fourth-grade class, Montauk Elementary School

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