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Surveying students about parents attending sporting events

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Erin Tuorto, Kings Park

How do you feel about your parents attending your sporting events? We recently surveyed 192 sixth-graders and asked them several questions about whether having your parents at your sports games helps or hurts the way you play the game.

Out of 192 students, 94 percent said their parents attend their sporting events. Of those same students, 64 percent said they invite their parents to their sporting events. We also asked the kids if they notice when their parents are at their games or events, and more than 80 percent say they do.

We asked the 192 students if they like when their parents come to their games and 95 percent of kids said they like when their parents come.

We asked if they ever tell their parents not to come, and most kids said no. We also asked the students if their parents ever speak to them during the event or game, and more than half the kids said yes, they speak to them at times.

As you can see, most kids enjoy having their parents at their games and events and feel that they play better when they attend!


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