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How to deal with smelly clothes and sports gear

Kidsday staff artist Maven Martin, Wheatley Heights

Kidsday staff artist Maven Martin, Wheatley Heights Credit: Kidsday staff artist/Maven Martin, Wheatley Heights

Has this ever happened to you? You are coming home from soccer practice or another sport and you start to take off your sweaty and wet clothes, and you have the need to open the windows — immediately! There is probably no grosser smell than your shin pads or your soccer cleats.

But we know there is more stinky stuff, don’t we? What about your backpack? Taking that off can be pretty bad, too. After all, we never wash our backpacks and just end up throwing them away at the end of the school year.

Don’t forget about kids who have a favorite shirt or pants, and they wear them a lot without washing them! Be kind to your classmates and get them washed. Nobody wants to smell your stinky stuff.

Here is a little quiz. See if you can figure out which stinky animal this might be: It has fur, it has a tail, it is an omnivore. A male one is called a buck and female is a doe. They are mostly black and white. Figure it out? A skunk.

Finally, a stinky joke: Is a garbage man rich? Yes, filthy rich!

Melissa Harechmak’s fifth-grade class, Landing Elementary School, Glen Cove

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