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Swim like a fish with mermaid tail

An interesting hobby that I have is swimming in a mermaid tail. This started when I was 9 and started watching TV shows on mermaids. I wanted to become a mermaid to see water from a fish's point of view. I begged my parents to buy me a tail. For my 10th birthday my parents bought me a mono-fin (which is the fluke of a fish's tail) from Amazon for $25. I enjoyed the mono-fin in my pool, swimming almost every day with it. The mono-fin was for practicing before I got my big mermaid tail.

When my 11th birthday was around the corner, I told my parents that I really wanted a full-size mermaid tail. After researching many different mermaid tails, I chose a tail from This tail was different from my mono-fin because it was more of a mermaid suit material and it is also on the person's legs and goes up to their waist. There were many varieties of colors to choose from. I chose an aqua sparkly tail with a scale pattern. This tail cost $140 including a corresponding bathing suit top.

The first time I saw it, I screamed really loud. To put the tail on without ruining the material I sat on a towel on the edge of my pool and put it on. From there I slid right into the pool. It was a great feeling to swim around the pool like a fish.


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