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Practicing for four swim teams is paying off for me

Kidsday reporter Mary-Pat Kolenik, of St. Anne's School,

Kidsday reporter Mary-Pat Kolenik, of St. Anne's School, Garden City, earned more than 50 swimming ribbons in 2018. Credit: Kolenik family

I love playing sports. I do basketball, swimming, track and cross country, and I used to play soccer.

Ultimately, swimming is my favorite and main sport. My whole family swims. My mom was the main lifeguard and owner of a pool in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

My brother, Michael, and I are on four swim teams: Averill Park, Long Island Aquatic Club, Stewart Manor and St. Anne’s CYO.

In 2018, I earned 57 ribbons. Butterfly is my best and favorite stroke, and 27 of my ribbons are from my butterfly races. I love swimming, and I am proud of all the ribbons I earned through my hard work.

Michelle Indrieri’s fifth-grade class, St. Anne's School, Garden City

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