Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Take up kayaking to spend more time outdoors

Living near the water like we do can be perfect for kayaking. Kayaking is good exercise and it counts as outdoor time. If it's your first time kayaking, go with a person that knows how to do it.

Keep your balance on your paddles then paddle left, then right, to go straight. If you paddle left you will go right and if you paddle right, you will go left. If you want to turn around, put your paddle on either side and hold it there until you start turning. I hope you know how to drive your kayak. Always care for your kayak.

When taking your kayak to the water, do not drag it on the ground. It can cause holes that may cost a lot of money to be repaired. Those holes can cause other problems too!

Always put your kayak in a safe place when you're not using it. If you don't, it could get damaged or ruined. Make sure your kayak is secure when you get in the car to go to the bay. If it falls off, it's lots of money to spend. Remember to wash your kayak after you're out on the water. If the water is polluted, it could damage the kayak. If your kayak has water in it, empty it out. If it has too much water, it could sink. Cover up your kayak with a tarp when winter comes around.

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