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Taking a break from your cellphone

Cellphones are something that many kids have. Kids, teens, adults and even grandparents use them. We all like the convenience of these handy mobile devices, but there are things to think about before we use them.

There are concerns about the effects of cellphone radiation. Also, the brightness may affect your eyesight.

So we asked students at our school, Long Island Hebrew Academy, if they could last at least two weeks without their phones or tablets. Sadly, only a few students accomplished the challenge.

Here are few suggestions that might keep you from reaching for your phone:

n Don’t charge your phone frequently.

n When you go somewhere don’t bring the device with you.

n Find fun things to do to entertain yourself instead of using your phone.

n Reward yourself by getting a treat for every hour you don’t touch your phone.

In our NY State English Language Arts Assessments, we read a story about two teens that had to go 48 hours without their phones. They both completed the experiment, and they both admitted that they are better off without their phones. They were able to spend quality time with their family and friends. They also mentioned that they were getting better sleep without their phones, because during the whole night they used to “sleep text.” One of the teens also decided to not use her phone a longer period, because she was happy.

We are so happy that we learned this lesson so we can be more careful about using our phones. Hopefully you can, too.


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