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Taking care of a puppy

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Isabelle Soberon, Garden City

When I was just 3, we went to my dad’s friend’s house because their dogs had just had puppies and we wanted to take one home. There were 10 puppies in total, five male and five female. We took them outside and saw what they did out there, and they were all very active. My house has a big backyard so the puppy would have lots of room to run around. My sister, Sammie, and I got to hold a puppy. The one that I held went in our backyard because we wanted to see how she would react to our house. We got that puppy. We named her Brinkley. Every year on my dog’s birthday, we get a picture of her parents.

It’s very important to love and take care of your pet. If you get a dog, you now have a very playful, friendly animal. To take care of a dog you need to have a pretty big backyard so the dog could play and run around. You need a dog bed (or crate). You need to make sure your dog gets bathed, groomed, and its teeth cleaned.

If your dog isn’t already trained, you need to train your dog, and to start off with the basics. Teach your dog to sit, lie down, and heel. Once your dog is older you can teach it more advanced tricks like flips, going through tight spaces back and forth, and coming to you when you call its name. You need a collar for your dog in case it gets lost. This collar needs to include a first and last name, your phone number, and address.


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