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Good Evening

Taking our Dancin' Feet to Disney

Last winter, I took a very special vacation to Disney World in Florida with my dance studio, Dancin' Feet Studios in Huntington. It was so exciting and special. We went to a workshop with a professional dancer who has been on television, Broadway and in movies.

She taught us a dance routine, and then told us that the mirror was double-sided and that someone had been watching us the entire time. Imagine my surprise when Goofy came out from behind the mirror to congratulate us. Also, we performed at Downtown Disney. That was an amazing experience. There were about 200 people in the crowd, and only a handful of them were family members of the dancers. To top it all off, we watched the fireworks show at Epcot from a private balcony and then had a dessert feast. It was the most fantastic experience I have ever had and something I know I'll never forget.

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