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Taste-testing a new kind of Kindbar

Our writing group went to work asking everyone we could find to taste the new maple glazed pecan and sea salt Kind bar. Kind sells a wide variety of snack bars made of nuts, fruit, honey, spices and sometimes chocolate. We asked our tasters to rate the new variety for packaging, appearance, smell and taste. We also asked if they would buy this type of Kind bar in the future. Here is what we learned:

People liked the packaging. Forty-four said they felt the packaging was either good or great. They also liked the appearance of the bar, with 28 giving it the highest rating of great and 19 giving it the next rating of good.

Our sample group also liked the smell and taste, with only four people giving the smell of the bar a terrible or OK rating and five people giving it a terrible or OK rating for taste.

Asked if they would buy the bar, 40 tasters said yes, 14 said maybe, and only six said no.

There are lots of other flavors, such as dark chocolate nuts & sea salt, dark chocolate cinnamon pecan, and Madagascar vanilla almond. Check their website:

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