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Kidsday taste-tests Long Island bakeries' chocolate chip cookies

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Jean Yoo, Jericho

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? We are so lucky to have some great bakeries in our area that make delicious treats.

Tuckahoe middle school students had the opportunity to choose their favorite chocolate chip cookie in a taste test featuring cookies from Tate’s Bake Shop in Southampton, Krieg’s Bakery in Hampton Bays and Simon’s Beach Bakery in Westhampton Beach. It was a difficult job, but someone had to do it! The results are:

Simon’s Beach chocolate chip: 44

Tate’s chocolate chip: 36

Simon’s Beach Nutella chocolate chip: 24

Krieg’s chocolate chip: 19

Krieg's Bakery had chocolate chip cookies with the perfect mix of cookie and chocolate chips. They weren’t too soft or too chewy, and tasted like old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies. 

The Nutella chocolate chip cookies from Simon’s Beach Bakery were a hit because they were soft and huge. They also had a Nutella center that was gooey and delicious. 

The chocolate chip cookies from Tate’s Bake Shop were crunchy, and the buttery cookies melted in your mouth as you ate them. 

The winning chocolate chip cookies from Simon’s Beach Bakery, however, were amazing. They were the most flavorful with large chocolate chunks. They were the perfect size, the perfect texture, and had the perfect balance between the chocolate chunks and the cookie. They were just delicious.   

Bonnie Downs and Allison Whittle’s writers club, Tuckahoe School, Southampton

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