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Teaching kids with special needs to ride horses

Kidsday reporter Alexa Mangia at the New York

Kidsday reporter Alexa Mangia at the New York Equestrian Center in West Hempstead. Credit: Mangia family

There is a special-needs program called Pal at the New York Equestrian Center in West Hempstead. Pal is a horseback riding activity for kids with special needs. Pal is run by Jeannine Mahoney. Volunteers who are 12 or older walk the kids around while Jeannine teaches the kids some techniques that can help them improve their horseback riding skills. Jeannine teaches the kids how to trust the horse to learn a new sport.

Jeannine says that Pal can help children with physical and mental needs and can also show them how they are like everyone else, and how they can trust an animal and enjoy a fun sport. I think these kids really enjoy this sport and I think it really meets their needs.

This sport helps these kids trust the animal and makes it fun and relaxing to enjoy a smooth ride and clear their head. They really enjoy the ride and at the same time learn new things. It creates a good mindset and becomes a healthy zone. This sport allows them to complete tasks outside their comfort zone.

Jeannine says that kids benefit from this sport and it really helps them learn new things every day. Horseback riding helps them calm down and think. It also shows them that they can do other things.

I have a horse that I board at the Equestrian Center and I love volunteering there to help others.

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