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Teaching my dog new tricks

Isabella Capozzi teaches her dog Tyson how to

Isabella Capozzi teaches her dog Tyson how to do a trick. Credit: Capozzi family

My dog’s name is Tyson and he is one cool Rottweiler. One of the tricks I taught Tyson was to jump up very high. Teaching your dog a trick is not easy. It takes a lot of patience and you have to make sure you have your pet’s attention and loyalty to trust you.

This is how to teach your dog how to jump up really high. So you take any of your food you know your dog likes (make sure it is something that is good for him, too). Then you take the piece of food in your hand and you lift your hand up high. Next your dog should jump up high. Your dog won’t jump up in the air if it is its first time. It will take at least a couple days and lots of repetition for your pet to learn its trick. They also like the reward of pleasing you and getting a great treat. It also helps if your dog loves you a lot and in my family, I am Tyson’s favorite. That’s how I taught Tyson how to do tricks. I just love teaching my dog new tricks!

If you need help you can always go to a trainer or even check online at sites such as

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