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Building on our tech class experience

In our school, one of the programs we look forward to is the workshop class, tech or home economics.

We get the opportunity to have those two classes in the morning to help us meet the requirements for junior high. During the first two quarters you have one class, and for the last two quarters you switch and have the other class.

Kidsday reporters Jessica Palencia, left, and Jenna Smith

Kidsday reporters Jessica Palencia, left, and Jenna Smith with teacher Amy Gammon of Greenport Elementary School and a Little Free Library box made in woodworking class.

Photo Credit: Karen Gessner


Mr. Mike Davies taught us the proper way to use the different tools. Our first project was a bottle rocket! The bottle rockets were really fun to make.  For the next project we made clocks. That was super cool. Students got to design their own clocks. Some designs: a cow, sunflower, and a cloud with a rainbow. Other projects Mr. Davies made in the past were Adirondack chairs, benches, cars, catapults, skateboards, Bluetooth speakers and 3D-printed things.

Around our town of Greenport, our school has made planter boxes that hold trees and other plants. During the holidays, the trees are decorated. In the summertime, we put flowering plants. An upcoming project is a greenhouse for our school garden. Look for our booth at the Farmers Market. While you’re walking around town look for our planters and Little Free Library boxes.

Karen Gessner’s sixth-grade class, Greenport Elementary School

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