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Teddy bears — varied and cute — all 19 of them

Kidsday reporter Laurel Nathan with her teddy bear

Kidsday reporter Laurel Nathan with her teddy bear collection. Credit: Nathan family

Do you like to collect teddy bears from all different places? Well I do — I have 19 teddy bears. Teddy bears, believe it or not, are very fun to collect. All teddy bears have many features such as their colors, sizes, and some outfits.

Some of the bears in my collection came from when I was a baby, some are souvenirs, some gifts and some from my sisters. Most of them have names, for example: Pinky, Jingly, Corduroy, Liberty Bear, Grandpa Bear and Rainbow Bear. I have bears of all different sizes, small, medium and big. There’s one that has a green and white shirt that says Hurricanes on it, our school team name and mascot.

I enjoy playing with my bears. Some are blanket bears. I have three blanket bears, which have teddy bear heads with tiny blankets attached at the bottom.

I have two Build-a-Bears. My Liberty Bear is from my field trip to the Statue of Liberty with the fifth grade. Grandpa Bear is a brown bear that has a brown bow around his neck. Corduroy is a little brown bear with movable arms and legs. I think all my teddy bears are special in some way and cute.


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