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'Teen Beach 2' was splashtastic!

Kidsday reporters Emma Marvelli, Rhianna Leopold, Isabella Lefevbre,

Kidsday reporters Emma Marvelli, Rhianna Leopold, Isabella Lefevbre, and Emily Morris, Girl Scouts from Smithtown and Hauppauge, with "Teen Beach 2" movie stars Grace Phipps and Jordan Fisher, at ABC offices in Manhattan on June 10, 2015. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We just saw Disney Channel's original movie, "Teen Beach 2." The new movie was splashtacular!

We enjoyed the dancing and singing the most. We were filled with emotion from the energy in the characters throughout the film. Modern- day teens Mack (played by Maia Mitchell) and Brady (Ross Lynch) get a visit from their friends from the movie within the movie, "Wet Side Story."

A problem arises in the film when the characters from "Wet Side Story" extend their stay and need to return. Another exciting twist involves the character Lela (Grace Phipps). Many of our favorite characters are back for this fun sequel. Some new characters are added, such as Alyssa (Piper Curda), Devon (Raymond Alexander Cham Jr.), and Spencer (Ross Butler). These new characters add to the fun story line. We made a personal connection when Mack inspires her friend, Lela, to be more than just a "Wet Side Story" star. Mack was a positive role model for Lela.

We all agreed our favorite part was when the entire cast sang "Got to Be Me." It was the perfect conclusion to the movie, because the message of the movie was to be yourself. It's a great movie the whole family will like. Don't forget to watch it Friday on the Disney Channel.

We rate it 4.5 smiles.

After seeing the movie, we sat down with stars Grace Phipps and Jordan Fisher.

How long did it take to learn all the dances?Grace: For both movies we actually had two weeks of rehearsal in L.A., and then we flew to Puerto Rico and had two weeks of rehearsal there. Had a dance school, and took dance classes.

Jordan: We didn't even touch the sand until after a month of just conditioning and learning the choreography. That's the whole goal of spending so much time rehearsing. There's a lot of dance moves and a lot of actors.

Grace: It was a month of dance rehearsing, which is pretty crazy, and you don't really get to go back to it until in front of camera. Sometimes things just don't come together until right until the last minute. Or little changes will happen.

How is making this movie different from making the last movie?Jordan: We were all back together in Puerto Rico again. There's definitely a sense of familiarity going back to Puerto Rico and working on the film. We have become family because we spent months together. I was 17 when we did the first movie and I was 20 when we did the second one. We all love just being together.

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