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‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’ reviewed by LI kids

Actor Will Arnett talks with Kidsday reporters, from

Actor Will Arnett talks with Kidsday reporters, from left, Delaney Unger, Jordyn Jenkins, Victoria Corallo, Jayda Cocossa and Hannah McNally at The Palm restaurant in East Hampton. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We went to a preview of “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies,” in East Hampton. While waiting for the movie to start, we all got a treat when one of the stars of the film, Will Arnett, who is the voice of Slade, got up and introduced himself to the audience, stating that he was a fan of “Teen Titans Go!” because of his son, and he hoped we all enjoyed the movie.

The movie begins with a battle between the Teen Titans and Balloon Man. They begin to sing a song when they think they’ve defeated him, but really the Justice League swooped in and saved the day. The Justice League then begins making fun of the Titans, saying they will never be famous or get a movie because they are a joke. This starts Robin on a quest to get a movie made about him.

Then the Teen Titans try to attend Batman’s movie premiere, only to find they are not on the guest list, so they have to transport themselves into the premiere. Before the premiere, they show previews of movies to come, and Robin hopes it would be his movie. It wasn’t, so Robin decides the only way he would get a movie is to have an arch-nemesis like all the other superheroes have. So the search begins.

Throughout the movie there are many funny one-liners and superhero jokes. Some of our favorite parts were the silly songs they sang, when they called Slade “Deadpool,” the dances they did, and all the action parts. The funniest part is when they finally get on set and don’t realize that everything is a prop! When you see the movie you will understand.

We recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch the show “Teen Titans Go!” or is a fan of superheroes. Be prepared to be mind-manipulated.

Rating: 4.5 smiles out of 5

After the movie, we went down the street to a Make Your Own Sundae party at the Palm Restaurant, and we were also able to interview Will Arnett. Here are a few questions we asked him:

When did you know, or did someone point it out, that you had a great voice for voice-over work?

It was not soon enough. I wish it had been earlier, and I could have saved myself a lot of grief. I was about 23. People had made comments before, but that was when I first started using my voice to make a living off of it.

Do your kids think you are funny?

Yes, sometimes. And then sometimes the kids just roll their eyes and seem to be saying, Mom and Dad, just stop it! I get that. They think I am funny, but not enough times!

What does it feel like to play a supervillain?

It is really fun to play a supervillain because you get to be dumb and get away with a lot of dumb things. For me, that is fun.

Is it hard to get into character when you are playing the voice of an animated character?

Not so hard. We talk about it a lot before I start, and I kind of know what I want to do. It is just a different type of preparation than for something I would do on camera. It is a matter of working with the other writers and the producers, trying to figure out what we want the voice to be. Once we lock in on that, we are good to go.

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