Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Telestrations game full of laughs

We reviewed the board game Telestrations: The Telephone Game Sketched Out (USAopoly). The object of the game is to guess the secret word from player drawings and score the most points. The game comes with more than 1,700 words listed on game cards, and all the supplies you will need to have fun.

To play the game, each player selects a sketch book, one marker, and one card. After rolling the die, players find their secret word on their card. Then, players draw the word shown on the card in their sketch book and pass it to the player on their right, who writes out their guess. After passing again, each player must now draw the word shown on the previous guess page. The process continues until each player's sketch book is returned to its original owner. The player with the most matches in their book scores one point. After three rounds of play, the player with the most points wins the game. We thought this game was full of laughs, fun, and so much more!

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