Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Testing four new water guns from Nerf

If it is summertime, it's time for fun and getting wet to cool off. We reviewed four of the newest water guns from Nerf, and had lots of fun doing it!

The Barrage Super Soaker shoots up to 38 feet and is easy to use. The Hydrostorm Blaster shoots 25 feet and would win any water-gun fight. This water gun needs batteries, and it gives you the extra power you need for a wet and accurate shot.

The Nerf Rebelle Dolphina Bow Blaster shoots hard and fast, and is shaped like a bow. We think a target should be included in the package. Finally, the Rebelle Super Soaker also shoots 38 feet and hard. It can even make a hole in the dirt because it is so powerful. This one is not as big as the others, but don't be fooled. It will get the job done.

Overall, we were excited and think these new water guns will provide cooling summer fun.We give these toys our highest rating: 5 smiles.

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