Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Testing the Bella Ice Cream Maker

My eyes opened wide when I heard I had been chosen to test and review the Bella Ice Cream Maker ( I couldn't wait to use it.

I opened the box, took it out and read the directions. Of course, my mom helped me because there is a step that requires use of the stove. After reading what ingredients I would need and the company's suggestions on things to add for more flavor, I decided to do this in two experiments.

Experiment A would be plain vanilla. Sugar, salt, milk, eggs and pure vanilla were the ingredients. Once all of them were properly blended in the ice cream maker, it had to go into the freezer. Tick tock! Tick tock! went the clock as I eagerly waited for the liquid to become solid. When it was finally ready, I tasted it. The sweet flavor of vanilla covered my taste buds. It was so creamy and cold . . . just right.

Next, I tried experiment B, which included the same ingredients as experiment A, but I also added chocolate chips and strawberry syrup. Mmmm. It was super yummy.

I think experiment B was way better than experiment A. It just lit up my taste buds more. Who knew experiments could be so delicious? Now, I went to demonstrate it for my class. The kids in my class were envious of me and made comments about how I got to have the whole bowl to myself at home.

Once we put all the ingredients in the ice-cream maker, we got up to look inside. The ingredients were spinning around and around, whipping back and forth. When everyone had their peek, we removed the deep, cylinder-shaped bowl and put it in the freezer.

According to the directions, it take about 30 minutes to freeze, but when we checked on it, it was still quite liquid. Everyone had the same question: "When can we try the ice cream?"

When it was finally ready, everyone loved it. They couldn't believe how good it tasted and that it tasted just like the ice cream you buy in a store. Many of my classmates asked me where I got the Bella Ice Cream Maker because they want one, too.

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