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Testing the Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

The RipRider just got an upgrade. If you happen to own the RipRider 360 from Razor, you know it's difficult to ride it for a long time because you have to pedal to make it go.

But now, Razor has produced PowerRider 360 electric three-wheeler. The PowerRider features a 12-volt battery that allows 40 minutes of riding, drifting, spinning and sliding without the need to pedal.

The PowerRider could reach 9 mph with a touch of a button. And drifting is very easy and controllable.

Besides the specs, the PowerRider looks impressive with a design that's much more grown up than the old RipRider. And you can customize the new Rider with stickers to personalize it a little.

The PowerRider also has other great features -- the front tire is solid, so no worries about flats. And the age range is for kids 8 and older, which is good because older kids would enjoy this. But I do think kids 10 to 15 would enjoy this the most. Driving at 9 mph and trying to drift could be scary for littler kids.

I do have some nitpicks with the PowerRider, though. The rear wheels, for example, are horrible on rocky or bumpy surfaces because they're caster wheels. And the fixed positioning on the seat can't be adjusted for smaller or larger kids.

Finally, there's the price tag: It's about $180. However, for any kid who gets this, it's a lot of fun.


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