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Our Thanksgiving traditions

Kidsday reporter Olivia Muzikant with her homemade Thanksgiving

Kidsday reporter Olivia Muzikant with her homemade Thanksgiving wreath. Credit: Muzikant family

For the past nine years, my family has been hosting Thanksgiving at our house. My brother, my mom, dad and I all wake up nice and early and start preparing for our fun-filled family day. We watch the parade, set the table and season the turkey.

By the time everyone arrives, there are usually about 30 of us, and we have so much fun together!

Every year, we have a big football game. Another tradition we have started over the last three years is writing down something we are grateful for. ln 2016 and 2017, we made homemade wreaths with paper plates and paper leaves. Last year, we wrote on paper feathers that made up a fake turkey’s tail. It’s a very nice tradition, especially when we realize that so many of us are grateful for each other and the wonderful family times we have.

Because of these traditions, Thanksgiving is a day I look forward to every year.

Nancy Feinstein’s Girls on the Run Club, Williston Park

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