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‘The Angry Birds Movie’ shows why they’re angry

Chuck (voiced by Josh Gad), Red (Jason Sudeikis)

Chuck (voiced by Josh Gad), Red (Jason Sudeikis) and Bomb (Danny McBride) star in "The Angry Birds Movie." Credit: Rovio Animation / Columbia Pictures

We were not angry birds, but happy birds. We had the best time at the premiere of the new “The Angry Birds Movie” at the Regal Theatre in Manhattan on Sunday. The opening scene was hilarious and definitely made us see how the birds became angry. There were so many great parts, but what we really loved was when Red (voiced by Jason Sudeikis), the main character, met Bomb (Danny McBride) and Chuck (Josh Gad) and Terence (Sean Penn). Red was angry and heroic; Chuck was super silly and super fast. Bomb was sensitive and kind, and we will make you see the movie to find out why his name was Bomb. Lastly, Terence is a grumpy bird but also has a soft side for Matilda (Maya Rudolph), the anger management teacher.

In the beginning of the movie, Red was angry at everything and was lonely. He had no friends or family and moved out of the village because everyone made fun of him. Then the pigs came as “friends,” and tricked the birds into thinking that they were friendly, but they were actually there to steal the birds’ eggs. The pigs told the village that there were only two pigs. Red snuck into the pigs’ ship and found many more pigs. Red was trying to tell everyone in the village that the pigs were up to something and to get rid of them. No one believed him because they all thought that he was being jealous of the pigs because everyone thought they were so amazing. Even though no one believed in him, he still fought for what he thought was right. We hope you enjoy the ending as much as we did.

We also really thought the pigs were funny, especially when they were dancing, just like in the game where they are also the bad guys. We loved how Red saved the egg. The whole movie was filled with harebrained adventures with the entire theater laughing the whole time. If you love the video game, you will not be disappointed with the movie, and even if you do not play the video game, you will still love this movie.

We give this movie 5 smiles.

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