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The Art Assignment YouTube channel: Creative fun

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Blake Taylor

The Art Assignment is a YouTube channel that is hosted by Sarah Urist Green and John Green. They usually post videos every Thursday. Sarah and her crew travel around the United States to meet different artists and see their work. Each artist then gives the viewers a task to complete. Some of the most popular tasks included printmaking and making a rug. Viewers upload their assignments to the internet, then the Art Assignment uploads videos of the viewers’ creations or sometimes post them on their blog. Other videos even describe the life stories of famous artists, from Yoko Ono to Andy Warhol.

The significance of the Art Assignment is that they try to find different types of art and artists. Every assignment episode also channels people’s inner creativity and helps them explore new aspects of their personality. I would recommend watching the Art Assignment to anyone who is curious about art and wants to learn more.

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