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The Bean Boozled Challenge is worth it, if you can handle the flavors

The Bean Boozled Challenge (Jelly Belly) is a popular game. This game is played by a person spinning the spinner that comes with the box and seeing which jelly bean color they land on. Here's the catch: when you pick the one you land on, the flavor can either be good or bad. You won't know what the jelly bean tastes like until you try it because every good flavor has an identical-looking bad flavor. Some of the flavors the game comes with are: stinky socks (or tutti-frutti), lawn clippings (or lime), rotten egg (or buttered popcorn), toothpaste (or berry blue), barf (or peach), booger (or juicy pear), moldy cheese (or caramel corn).

The flavors in parentheses are the ones you aim to get and the other ones, not so much.

I've played Bean Boozled, and it's a very fun game to play with your friends, but the flavors taste so spot-on to the name of them, it's bizarre. For example, baby wipes taste exactly like the smell of an actual baby wipe. The first time I played this game, I didn't really know too much about it but I thought, "It can't possibly be that bad." The flavors my friends and I had to taste were horrible and they even made my friend feel a little sick. After that game, I told myself that I would never play it again. A few weeks passed and I surprised myself by playing it again when I went to a friend's house.

Overall, I think Bean Boozled is a fun game to play because it's a challenge to try and eat gross things you're not used to eating.

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