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'The Brilliant World of Tom Gates' is a funny, adventurous book

I read the book "The Brilliant World of Tom Gates" by Liz Pichon (Candlewick Press). Tom Gates is a funny character. I can relate to him because he gets into trouble and makes excuses for not doing his work, just like me.

Tom Gates is a middle- school student who would rather read comics, draw and practice with his band than do schoolwork. Tom's mission in school is to impress Amy Porter, but she ignores him. Tom's teacher thinks he lacks focus.

All Tom really wants to do is see the best band ever, Dude 3, but Mr. Fullerman tricks Tom into being a good writer and sharing his ideas.

I loved the illustrations and the bold print that made it easy to see what is going on in the story. Tom Gates is the narrator of the book, too.

I also liked it because it was written like a diary.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes funny, adventurous characters, just like me.

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