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The day I helped teach taekwondo

Kidsday reporter Yeana Kim helped to teach a

Kidsday reporter Yeana Kim helped to teach a beginner's taekwondo class. Credit: Kim Family

One day I arrived early to taekwondo class and the beginner’s class was still going on. I was a higher belt than them and they were learning basic kicks and blocks. My master called me in to help him. He told me to model for the little kids what the front kick was supposed to look like. He told me to do the kicks slow so they could watch.

First, I did the kick slow and steady so the kids would be able to see. Then my master told me to speed up the kick so it would be the normal kick. The kids watched me doing my kick and were surprised by how well I did. My master told me my form was very good and the kids pretty much agreed.

After class the kids got to play dodgeball. My master invited me to play with them. I gladly said yes but I took it a bit easier on the kids. That day was a great one for me. This is how I helped my master teach some taekwondo to beginners.

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