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'The Eighth Day' book review

One day, Jax Aubrey woke up and saw nobody around, so he thought he was the only person on Earth. He looked everywhere but saw no one. The next day, everything was back to normal. Then Riley Pendare, Jax's legal guardian, told him he was a Transitioner. This is how the book "The Eighth Day" by Dianne K. Salerni (Harper) opens. Transitioners get an extra day called Grunsday, or the Eighth Day between Wednesday and Thursday. Riley also told Jax that people called Kin live only on Grunsday.

Jax got kidnapped by a bank robber who was a Normal (a regular person and not a Transitioner) and wanted to get into the Eighth Day to rob a bank without getting seen by other Normals. The robber handcuffed himself to Jax, and when Jax went into the Eighth Day, the robber went with him. When the robber tried to rob the bank, some other Transitioners came and helped Jax. This was the start of many adventures. You will love this story.

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