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'The Haunted Library' review: Ghosts are fun!

In this book, "The Haunted Library," by Dori Hillestad Butler (Grosset & Dunlap), there is a ghost named Kaz. The story is good, but I loved the ghost glossary best of all.

Here are some of the terms: Expand is when ghosts make themselves larger. Glow is what ghosts do so humans can see them. Haunt is where a ghost lives. Pass through is when ghosts travel through walls, doors and other solid objects. Shrink is when ghosts make themselves smaller. Skizzy is when ghosts feel sick to their stomachs. Solids is what ghosts call humans, animals and objects they can't see through. Swim is when ghosts move freely through the air. Wail is what ghosts do so humans can hear them.

This was a very good book. Kaz didn't know how to do any of the tricks ghosts are supposed to know. He was too afraid to learn.


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