Good Morning
Good Morning

The Hula-Hoop contest

I love to Hula-Hoop! In fact, I love to Hula-Hoop so much I do it all the time. My grandmother knew that I could Hula-Hoop for a long time, so one day she decided to time me. When the Hula-Hoop fell to the ground, it had been 21/2 hours!

Because I love to Hula-Hoop, I wanted to see if other kids could Hula-Hoop for a long time too. I went to all the fourth-grade classes at Pulaski Road School and found 25 students who wanted to participate in a Hula-Hoop contest during recess. Everyone began to Hula-Hoop at the same time, but only three kids, Julia Weissman, Talia Velazquez and Grace Westerlind, were still Hula-Hooping when the whistle blew to go inside. That means they Hula-Hooped for 20 minutes, nonstop.

I love to Hula-Hoop, and so do 25 kids from my fourth grade. Do you love Hula-Hooping? Do you think you could beat my record?

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