Good Morning
Good Morning

The Long Island Children's Museum

My class visited the Long Island Children's Museum in Garden City because our art projects were on display there.

If you haven't been to this museum in a while, it is so worth the visit because there is so much to do that is both fun and educational.

When we got inside the museum, we hung up our coats and went to see our artwork first. I was really surprised to see pictures of mine in two places. When everybody got to take a look at their projects, we took pictures.

Then, we split up into groups to go look around the museum. There were many stations. For example, there was a bubble station, a sand station, and many more.

The stations we liked the best were the Climbing Tunnel and the Building and Tool Department. We had lunch and then we went back into our groups. We learned a lot of things and we really enjoyed this trip.

It is located: 11 Davis Ave., Garden City. Call 516-224-5800 or visit their website: With school starting next week, ask if you can make this one of your class trips.

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