Good Morning
Good Morning

The magic of a Liberty Cruise

It was a gray morning as we boarded the Liberty Cruise ship on the Hudson River. This particular cruise was geared for kids ages 3 to 5 and featured face painting, balloon animals and The Anna Banana Band ( There also was a guest appearance by Ironman. The little kids didn't really seem too interested in him, though -- but we were. His suit looked just like the one in the movie, and it even had the updated triangular symbol. We had our picture taken with him.

A magician walking around the boat did various tricks for different age levels. We got to see a card trick and a trick with an Oreo. It was cool, but we would have rather seen more of a magic show. We understand that the younger kids don't have too long of an attention span.

What we found to be the most interesting part of the trip was the history. There was a ship commentator aboard, Malachy Murray, who told us all about the city, the buildings, the Hudson River and so many amazing facts that we had learned about in social studies this year. It was really something to see it all in real life. We could have listened to him all day. We thought he was smart, so we decided to interview him. We found out he had to wait four years to get the job, and he had to have experience in both acting and public speaking. He also had to know many facts about New York City. He told us his favorite part of his job was getting to meet the many people who come aboard.

The most exciting part of the trip was getting to see an American symbol, the Statue of Liberty. We sailed right up in front of it. It was humongous. We couldn't stop staring and taking lots of pictures. We've been learning about immigration and Ellis Island in school, so this was fascinating. We must have looked cute in our Statute of Liberty hats and our beaming smiles.

You should take this cruise! It sales from Pier 83 at 42nd Street. Visit the cruise line online at

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