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The Muddy Puddles Project raises funds to fight kids’ cancer

Finding (and jumping into) puddles around playgrounds is

Finding (and jumping into) puddles around playgrounds is one way the Muddy Puddles Project raises funds to fight childhood cancer. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Jean Yoo, Jericho

The Muddy Puddles Project is a fundraiser for the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation that is sure to make people want to just let go and have fun. This is an event where kids can be kids and adults can also be kids at heart. This idea was inspired by a boy named Ty Louis Campbell who was diagnosed with a rhabdoid brain tumor in 2010. He lost his life to cancer at the age of 5 in 2012.

Today he is honored through many fundraisers such as The Muddy Puddles Project. Why muddy puddles? All Ty ever wanted to do was to jump in muddy puddles, just like his favorite television character, Peppa Pig. The Muddy Puddles Project has two main events: Mess Fests and Welly Walks. The Mess Fest takes place every summer at Kiwi Country Day Camp in Mahopac, N.Y. This year it is being held on Aug. 5. It has a carnival atmosphere with activities like pie tosses, splatter paint, and most importantly, muddy puddles. Kids are encouraged to make a mess and get as muddy as possible.

Welly Walks are hikes around playgrounds, school fields, forests and cross-country areas where you search for muddy puddles. Why are they called Welly Walks? You wear wellies and rain slickers, of course! These are amazing ways to help raise money for children with cancer.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Ty’s dad, Lou Campbell, to find out even more about the Muddy Puddles Project

What is it about the Muddy Puddles Project that means the most to you?

What means the most is that it’s celebrating Ty’s life while having great fun.

When you watch the kids play around, what warms you the most?

What warms me the most is when I see families together all having a great time. While at other theme parks it can be hectic, here at Muddy Puddles all the families have fun and relax.

What do you think about everybody joining in to help stop childhood cancer? What else could we do to help end childhood cancer?

I think it’s great that people are raising awareness. To keep raising awareness, people can continue to have fundraisers and raise money to fight childhood cancer.

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