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The net effect of Alley Pond Tennis Center? You get better

Learn to play tennis in any season at

Learn to play tennis in any season at the Alley Pond Tennis Center in Queens Village. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Alana Peters

Alley Pond Tennis Center is a tennis facility in Queens Village that offers tennis lessons all year long to people of all ages. In the winter, the tennis center uses a heated dome so players can stay warm. In the summer, the dome is removed. The center sells rackets and helps you find the right one. It also repairs them if they become damaged.

For three years, I took tennis lessons once a week at the tennis center. I am glad I did. You can learn on your own, but I am glad I learned how to play the right way. I started in a beginner level class with six other kids who were ages 5 to 8. At the beginning of each class we would have to run five laps each, and then we would do drills. During the drills, the instructor would have us line up, and he would throw the ball over the net for us to hit with our racket. If we hit the tennis ball, we would move to the back of the line, and if we missed, we would move to his side of the net and catch the balls being hit by our classmates.

While taking lessons, I practiced over and over again until I got better. I practiced at home with my dad and aunt, and sometimes we would go to the tennis center and practice there before class started. The kids there were amazing and hardworking. During class, I enjoyed playing one-on-one games against my friends. I also enjoyed playing against my sister, who took lessons with me.

I think that playing tennis encourages kids to play a lot more sports in the future. When I played tennis, I felt like I could do so much more than just play tennis every day because I was staying active. Tennis is a challenging sport to learn, but once you do you will enjoy it. So if you are interested in playing tennis, you should check out Alley Pond Tennis Center. I am so happy with the time I spent there and was proud of myself for what I learned.

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