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The night my family and I met WWE stars The New Day

Kidsday reporter Justin Yakuel with WWE stars Xavier

Kidsday reporter Justin Yakuel with WWE stars Xavier Woods, left, and Big E Langston. Credit: Yakuel family

I could hardly contain myself. Who would it be? That thought raced through my head over and over again. Minutes felt like hours. All I wanted to know was who would be the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) wrestlers I would actually meet at Friday Night Smackdown. As I stood in the VIP section of Madison Square Garden, I glanced around the room at all of the other anxious fans, including my whole family.

We had to be the most dedicated fans in the crowd. In total there were 21 members of my family that were all dressed up in wrestling gear. We had on John Cena shirts with wristbands and headbands that read, “U Can’t C Me!” Necklaces hung from our necks and some of us even carried our wrestling heavyweight champion belts over our shoulders. On the table neatly lined up were black drawstring bags with our names written on them. I grabbed my bag and slowly opened it up. What would be inside? I hoped it would be something awesome. My eyes bulged as I pulled out each item from the bag. There was a leather VIP hat, a silver water bottle, and a book of possible wrestlers I could meet. I smiled ear to ear.

Just then, three popular wrestlers marched out playing instruments! That was their thing. They always played instruments. Oh wow! It was Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E Langston — who together are also known as The New Day!

They joked around with the crowd and Big E made funny faces. He was pretty funny. We waited on another long line for their autographs. It was finally our turn. The New Day looked a little overwhelmed as our huge family approached the table where they were sitting to sign our books.

It was a night I will never forget.


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