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‘The Other Side of Summer’ book review: Emotional, but good

"The Other Side Of Summer," by Emily Gale, tells of a girl trying to overcome her brother's death. Credit: Harper Books

I read “The Other Side of Summer,” by Emily Gale (Harper Books). It is an emotional book about coping with something depressing. Summer’s brother, Floyd, dies in a bombing. Summer is distraught, but she’s not the only one. The dad is trying to look past the death, the mom is just a shell of sadness and depression, and the sister is more angry than usual.

The only thing that is left of Floyd is his guitar. When Summer plays it, a weight is lifted off her. It’s almost magical, maybe a little too magical. But the guitar alone won’t help her move past the death. She will meet new friends and say goodbye to old friends. This book will make you sad, angry and happy at times. Also, the book can be mature at times. If you like a good adventure and some fun at times, I recommend it for kids ages 8 to 12.

Rating: 4

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