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The Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill is fun for kids

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Blake Taylor, Melville

The Parrish Art Museum is a very kid-friendly museum with so many interesting exhibits. Some kid-friendly events that happen there are workshops where you paint, draw and build, and the “open studio for families,” where kids make art and do activities. There’s also an open studio for teens! So, the Parrish Art Museum is a great place to bring your child.

I have been to the Parrish Art Museum many times with my school on field trips. I really like going to the museum because I find the artwork and the exhibits very interesting and inspirational. No two pieces of artwork are the same; they’re all unique. On field trips, we go and kind of sketch our favorite pieces of artwork. I like paintings that are very detailed, and some that you don’t usually see at your normal museum.

It is located: 279 Montauk Hwy, Water Mill. Call 631-283-2118, or online:

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