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The pleasure of 'A Christmas Story, the Musical'

We had the pleasure of seeing a live performance of "A Christmas Story, The Musical" at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. The story was originally a movie and has become a long-standing tradition during the holiday season.

The story is a 9-year-old boy's (Ralphie) favorite Christmas memory. The show is about his Christmas wish, a Red Ryder carbine action BB gun. Unfortunately, every time Ralphie tells an adult, whether it is his mom, his teacher and even Santa, what he wants -- he hears the same response: "You'll shoot your eye out!"

Ralphie spends the whole show trying to convince everyone this is the only gift he wants. He even sings about it -- a great number! Will he get his Red Ryder carbine action BB gun?

The curtain opens at Ralphie's house. We really liked the way the set looked. It looked like a real house that had many decorations.

We were surprised when two real dogs ran across the stage. We read in the program that these dogs were abandoned without food or water. They were rescued by a shelter, and then a trainer found them and thought they'd be perfect for the show. We all have dogs, so we were really glad they were saved. They were funny and very cute. We always laughed when they came on the stage.

Our favorite scene was when The Old Man (Ralphie's father) wins an award for completing a magazine contest. He receives a leg lamp. The Old Man was so overjoyed that he broke out into a full-on, hilarious, musical number. There were many dancers all holding leg lamps. They made a kickline using their legs and the leg lamps.

What made the scene even funnier is that Ralphie's father adored the leg lamp, and his mother hated it!

This show had a lot of kid actors. They were so talented. We really loved their dancing, especially when they tapped in some of the songs.

The kids, adults and dogs were fantastic singers, wonderful dancers and awesome actors. We think the show is good for 9-year-olds and up.

The show is only open through Dec. 29, so be sure to buy your tickets soon. We can guarantee you that you'll laugh all night long! Go to for ticket information.

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