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The pros and cons of mandatory volunteer service

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Jasmine Alicea

Lately, kids have been volunteering. Volunteering should be something that you want to do, but there are pressures on kids. Many of us do it to fulfill a requirement for school or for college applications. Some people argue that mandatory volunteering can help people become better people, while others say it is not fair to force people to do it. Here are some pros and cons I thought of. What do you think?


  • It benefits the less fortunate.
  • It can make you feel generous and proud.
  • You might encourage others to help, too.
  • Volunteering can teach you about helping people.
  • Services for the poor will cost less.


  • Being forced to do something can make you mad instead of proud.
  • It is time consuming.
  • You don’t get paid.
  • It can be tiring.

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