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'The Quantum Eye,' a thrilling mentalist show in Manhattan

If you think that walking through the Great Wall of China is cool, the most amazing thing ever and absolutely phenomenal, well, then we think you have your facts messed up. Sam Eaton is the real definition of cool. At 80 St. Marks Place, Manhattan, there is something going on -- "The Quantum Eye." It is a mentalist show where Sam performs. Mentalists are like magicians, but better.

The first thing Sam does is detect lies. Sounds crazy, but possible. Alena from our group got called up to participate. Sam's ability to detect the "liar" in the group was amazing, but that is just one of the many different acts he performs.

One of our favorite segments was Design Duplication. He asks someone from the crowd to draw a simple picture and put it in the envelope. He told us that last year, someone drew an elephant's tush. Sam asks her to come onto the stage and draw the picture with him back to back. Sam reads her mind without even looking back and draws a teardrop and shows the picture to the crowd while she is still drawing. When she finishes she is awestruck when she sees that Sam has drawn the picture before her and tells her that it's a raindrop not a teardrop but Sam says, "Yeah, I was hearing you saying teardrop or raindrop so I went with raindrop."

If you still think that Sam is not cool, you have no idea of the meaning of the word or you're probably thinking that he's paying the people from the audience to do this, but he randomly selects people from the audience, such as Usaid's dad and Alena.

At the end of the show, we asked Sam questions. Our final verdict on "The Quantum Eye" is: What are you waiting for? He is way more amazing than walking through the Great Wall of China. He is just amazing -- you can't figure it out and he isn't lying or acting or cheating like some people. "The Quantum Eye" means an evening performance in magic. To learn more, visit online:


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